I am on schedule! 267 words today! Luckily, it even seems like a good place to end a chapter.

This week’s total word count comes out to 1745. My weekly goal was around 1,400 so I am ahead. Yah for me! 🙂 Only 68000 words to go. That’s a large number and a little depressing. I am not thinking about it. I will not think about it. I will not think about it. I will not think about it.

I chose Ising for the girl’s name. Isi for short. Isi sounds vaguely Egyptian to me, which is not what I intended. But I like the name, so I am sticking with it. Ising is a combo of Lisimba and Delling. Isi from Lisimba and ing from Delling. But Isi since it does sound vaguely Egyptian to me, I suspect I will take Egypt’s landscape and modify it for my purposes. That is, to make the land fit the plot (what there is of it so far). But I don’t think I will use Egyptian culture, mostly because I know nothing of it and at present I can up make up whatever I feel will suit best. Because it is the still the beginning I am not really locked into any particular type or style of mythology. I will figure that out as I go along. I might use some modified form of Egypt’s ancient myths, though.