Hello people! This, as the blog title states, is my great writing experiment. I am doing this because I have a hard time finishing anything and maybe if it is online I will be able to finish, hmm? It will certainly be always available to me, no matter where I am, as long as I have internet (woe for those occasions when I don’t!). I am going to post a chapter a week. Or whatever is finished at the end of the week.

I am aiming for total word count of around 70, 000. 70, 000 isn’t that long for a fantasy novel, but not too short, either.  So that means to be done in a year, I need to aim for around 1,400 per week. At 300 words a page, that gives me 5 pages a week. That’s 200 pages a day. 5 pages is a short chapter and maybe I will be able to do more. But if not, than not, so long as I do hit the 1400 words per week. I will, in all likelihood, at some point, create pages for character and world info.

About the Book:

This story does as yet have a true title. Working title is as follows: The Princess and the Stone. I don’t like this title, it sounds like a child”s fairy tale. But I have nothing better. 😦 It is fantasy, about a girl who is the daughter of an actress and the king. No, they are not married. 😛 She wants to do magic, but can’t because her father is the king and the royal family is prohibited from doing magic. Something about the royal family having too much power, I think. I don’t know if it is YA, but in my head right now, the girl is maybe 17 or 18, and I am not sure if YA novels have heroes that old. Though Bella was 17, I think. I don’t remember how old she was in Twilight. Anyway, maybe it is YA. It remains to be seen. I hope it isn’t because I am thinking 70, 000 words may be a bit too long for a YA novel.

Posting Notes to me:

Tuesday: post quote. something about writing that will make make the week less depressing in case I am having trouble.

Wednesday: post chapter of the week

Random day of the week: try and clarify problems with the story. Writing it down might make things a bit more clear.