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Week 4, Day 2: 168 words

I wrote 168 words today. But that is deceptive, because I also got rid of 165 words I wrote last time. So I am ahead by only 3 words. It was a scene where she got a new dress and I realized that not did I not care about the new dress, it wasn’t necessary and only kept me from getting to the good parts that much sooner. The only good thing that came out of was that I finally met her mother. So far, her mother is as non-existent as a character can be and still be deeply embedded in the MC’s mind and heart. Makes me wonder about her.

Just in case I am wrong about how necessary this scene is, I cut and pasted it into another file. I call this new file “Princess Trash.” Princess because that’s part of the working title; Trash because it will hold stuff I don’t need. I have found over the years that instead of deleting scenes I don’t like, I should save them in a different file. Sometimes these deleted scenes come in useful. Sometimes I find I wrote them too early, and really, they make a lot more sense later on. Sometimes, with a few changes, I can use them. But mostly they just sit there.


Week 4, Day 1: 0 words

Week 4 already. It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for so long. But no words today. I am going to see if I can’t at least get the beginning of the science fiction short done today. I need names for him, his car and his boss. Oh and a name for the story too.

Week 3, Day 7: 183 words

183 words. Below what I should have done for today. I don’t feel like doing anymore today, but I am over my weekly goal, so it’s all good. Weekly word count is 1610. It is not a good place to end a chapter, so I think I will just continue with chapter 3 tomorrow.

I haven’t really started the science fiction short yet. The little bit of snippet I wrote the other day helped me with voice, but I don’t think the character reflecting on himself is a good place to begin. I’ve a kernel of an idea, though, and I think I am going to start with him in the garage. The thing I am worried about is whether or not I will be done by the 30th. Even if I am, I likely will not have time to rewrite or submit it for critiques. So whatever I submit will probably be a first draft and all I’ll really have time for is check spelling and make sure there are no missing words.

On the other hand, even if the story is not done in time for contest, I can still finish it, edit, rewrite and submit to other magazines.

Week 3, Day 6: 321 words

So, 321 words. Word count sounds good and I am on track.

Except today’s stuff had a lot of dialog and I am not really good at dialog. I am afraid it may sound stilted. I feel like I am forcing words in my characters’ mouth and I don’t like this feeling. Come edit time, I think this may be one of the places that will require a full overhaul.

How do I make them sound real? I wish I knew.

Week 3, Day 2: 342 words

342 days. That should please me, but it really doesn’t. I am just so tired and it took so long to come to a point where I felt I could leave off for tomorrow.

I found out about more one of my secondary characters today. I’d thought Kam was going to be a fairly minor character, but he is not. I found out somethings about him I didn’t anticipate. Maybe I should have. It looks like he is going to be a major character, but I am not sure what his role is. He’s nicer than I first suspected. Gonna have to figure him out.  What are his issues?

Week 3, Day 1: 403 words

Writing was hard today. I started chapter three and I did not want to write. This chapter is a turning point, I think, an early one. I could have done a few different things and not doing them is going to lock in some of the plot. But I am past the hurdle now and I am not going to go back and edit and change anything. At least not until the whole thing is over. That is not what this experiment is about.

Anyway I wrote more than 400 words and I am happy about that.

Week 2, Day 7: 286 words

Meet and exceeded my daily goal. 🙂 Yah!

The week’s word count comes up to 1, 468 words. Weekly goal is 1, 400 and so I am on target. I am grateful. Considering how many non-writing days I had this week and how I got sick, I am lucky to make the goal.

I feel like my story is finally going somewhere. I can see a little of its shape now. She finally, finally met with her father. I thought it would happen last week, but here I am, at the end of the second week and it only happens today. A few unexpected things have happened already – the stepmother showed, a magician appeared and I hadn’t planned on either. I’d thought her mother would have appeared when she met with her father, but so far, her mother is MIA. Truly, I’d expected her mother to be a powerful character, but so far she has yet to show herself.

Week 2, Day 6: 601 words

601 words today! Yes!!!! Made up for the wordless days, I think.

I still feel a little under the weather today. The meds are helping, I think. But I stayed in bed and wrote on my iTouch. Don’t have the energy to sit and work on the computer today, but typing on this for a little while all day today was okay. It worked since I was able to nap, than write, nap, write, nap write.

But my spelling probably sucked. Will run it all through a spell checker later.

Week 2, Day 5: 0 words

No words. Sick. Fever, achy, sore throat. Stuck in bed. Going back to sleep now

I wrote maybe 252 words today. Why aren’t I sure, you ask? Because I wrote them on the wordpress app on my iTouch. I didn’t have access to my computer this evening. So I can’t get an exact word count from word and this app does not provide one (though I have noticed the computer version of wordpress does).

It’s interesting because one of the reasons I am writing it on this is so that whatever I can always access whatever I have written. Otherwise I would have to cart around a notebook and than transcribe to word. That is a hassle, and only succeeds in annoying me.

So today I have written words I might not have if I hadn’t been doing this on online. Today proves doing it like this is a good idea and works.

Also, it makes me wonder what I could do with the iPad or a similar device. That is, a device that is a cross between a computer, an ereader and a smart-phone, but isn’t really any of those things. I have never typed so much on this before, but it was easy. And the iPad’s screen is bigger, so typing on that would probably be even easier. Have to find someone with an iPad so I can play with it.

Edited: I estimated too much. 😦  I really wrote 233 words. That’s not bad for a day, especially since for a while there I worried I wouldn’t be able to write anything at all. But I am still behind in my weekly count.