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Week 4, Day 2: 168 words

I wrote 168 words today. But that is deceptive, because I also got rid of 165 words I wrote last time. So I am ahead by only 3 words. It was a scene where she got a new dress and I realized that not did I not care about the new dress, it wasn’t necessary and only kept me from getting to the good parts that much sooner. The only good thing that came out of was that I finally met her mother. So far, her mother is as non-existent as a character can be and still be deeply embedded in the MC’s mind and heart. Makes me wonder about her.

Just in case I am wrong about how necessary this scene is, I cut and pasted it into another file. I call this new file “Princess Trash.” Princess because that’s part of the working title; Trash because it will hold stuff I don’t need. I have found over the years that instead of deleting scenes I don’t like, I should save them in a different file. Sometimes these deleted scenes come in useful. Sometimes I find I wrote them too early, and really, they make a lot more sense later on. Sometimes, with a few changes, I can use them. But mostly they just sit there.


Week 3, Day 2: 342 words

342 days. That should please me, but it really doesn’t. I am just so tired and it took so long to come to a point where I felt I could leave off for tomorrow.

I found out about more one of my secondary characters today. I’d thought Kam was going to be a fairly minor character, but he is not. I found out somethings about him I didn’t anticipate. Maybe I should have. It looks like he is going to be a major character, but I am not sure what his role is. He’s nicer than I first suspected. Gonna have to figure him out.  What are his issues?

Week 2, Day 2: 306 words

306 words more! Haven’t quite made up for yesterday’s lack of words. If this weekend shapes up to be anything like last weekend, I am going to be waaay behind in my weekly word count. What a scary thought. Only 2 weeks in and I am already in trouble.

Anyway, she hasn’t gotten to the palace. She was waylaid half way there. I didn’t expect that. I thought she would just go directly from the theater to the palace. Silly me.

Week 1, Day 2: 378 pages

378 pages today, which exceeds my daily goal. Yah for me!

Still haven’t decided on a name for the girl, but I am leaning toward Lisimba or Della or Delling. Lisimba is a Tanzanian girl name that means lion. Della is an English girl name meaning of the nobility. Delling is a unisex Scandinavian name that means fascinating.Maybe a Lismba and Delling combo. Lisdell. Lisiell. Dellsim. Something like that anyway. I did discover today that she – whatever her name eventfully is! – has wavy waist-length black hair.

Also, I need a name for a stone. Who knew stones could have names?