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Week 4, Day 3, Day 4: 0 words

Yes, the whole week so far has resulted in no work done on this story. I am desperately behind this week. God only knows if I will catch up. This past weekend, as expected, was a writing wash. Chores, actual washing, running errands and a bit of fun all conspired to leave with no writing time. So neither this story, nor the science fiction short is any further along and the short is due on the 30th.  In my head it is done, but on paper (or rather my computer screen!) it remains unfinished.

I shall write tomorrow about how much I managed to do today. I need to type lots and very fast.


Week 3, Day 4: 237 words

237 words. Not bad for today. Ended with a piece of dialogue, but it doesn’t feel right to me, so I am thinking that has to change and so the last few words don’t really count. We’ll see what I do tomorrow.

I discovered a story contest on twitter today. Here: http://crossedgenres.com/simf/contest/rules/. They want science fiction story based on some new (new as in this year!!!!) discover or innovation. I am going to try and see if I can write something. I can’t really think of any new inspiring discovery. At least, inspiring to me. If I do anything at all, it is going to be based on either biology or computers. Maybe some combo of both – nanotech with medicine. Or cybernetics. Or data mining. I read something about a scientist that managed to model a rat brain and what if someone managed to model a human brain . . . I don’t know. Maybe someone’s prosthetic suddenly got a virus? If it was a biological  prosthetic instead of one involving chips . . . maybe. Or something to do with neural networks. The last submission date is June 30 so if I am going to write something, I need to figure it out fast.

Week 2, Day 4: 252 words. Maybe

I wrote maybe 252 words today. Why aren’t I sure, you ask? Because I wrote them on the wordpress app on my iTouch. I didn’t have access to my computer this evening. So I can’t get an exact word count from word and this app does not provide one (though I have noticed the computer version of wordpress does).

It’s interesting because one of the reasons I am writing it on this is so that whatever I can always access whatever I have written. Otherwise I would have to cart around a notebook and than transcribe to word. That is a hassle, and only succeeds in annoying me.

So today I have written words I might not have if I hadn’t been doing this on online. Today proves doing it like this is a good idea and works.

Also, it makes me wonder what I could do with the iPad or a similar device. That is, a device that is a cross between a computer, an ereader and a smart-phone, but isn’t really any of those things. I have never typed so much on this before, but it was easy. And the iPad’s screen is bigger, so typing on that would probably be even easier. Have to find someone with an iPad so I can play with it.

Edited: I estimated too much. 😦  I really wrote 233 words. That’s not bad for a day, especially since for a while there I worried I wouldn’t be able to write anything at all. But I am still behind in my weekly count.

Week 1, Day 4: 0 words

Sunday and again, no words written. I hate weekends. I need to learn to get rid of distractions for a couple hours and just write. But, on the other hand, I did get a new wii today.