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Week 3, Day 5: 0 words

No words today. So depressing. I found no time to write. The day just slipped past my fingers like water.


Week 2, Day 5: 0 words

No words. Sick. Fever, achy, sore throat. Stuck in bed. Going back to sleep now

Week 1, Day 6: 360 words

360 words today! Yah! I think I made up for my wordless weekend. 🙂 I needed about 70 more and 360 – 70 is 290 so I am still good.

But I find now I need a name for my girl’s best friend.  Or the girl she thinks is her best friend anyway; I have a sneaking feeling she has a secret agenda. There is going to be a betrayal at some point, yes, I feel it coming. But why are names so difficult to come up with? 😦

Week 1, Day 5: 331 words

Well, after 2 days of no writing, I finally sat myself down and wrote. 331 words today. I would happy with that, except it doesn’t quite make up for the last 2 days. Need about 70 more words before I do that. But I wrote extra the first couple days so maybe . . . Anyway, I still need a good name for the stone. Names for other people, too, who I expect will show up shortly. The mother, drama master, court musician . . .