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Week 3, Day 6: 321 words

So, 321 words. Word count sounds good and I am on track.

Except today’s stuff had a lot of dialog and I am not really good at dialog. I am afraid it may sound stilted. I feel like I am forcing words in my characters’ mouth and I don’t like this feeling. Come edit time, I think this may be one of the places that will require a full overhaul.

How do I make them sound real? I wish I knew.


Week 2, Day 6: 601 words

601 words today! Yes!!!! Made up for the wordless days, I think.

I still feel a little under the weather today. The meds are helping, I think. But I stayed in bed and wrote on my iTouch. Don’t have the energy to sit and work on the computer today, but typing on this for a little while all day today was okay. It worked since I was able to nap, than write, nap, write, nap write.

But my spelling probably sucked. Will run it all through a spell checker later.